I get scared by my thoughts
do you?
I've been doing that thing
I sometimes do
looking in the mirror
staring into my eyes
how to be braver
to just step off

Been thinking of jumping
know what I mean?
I keep finding myself clenched
and this tightness is tiring
which adds to it
this sense of why not
which scares me
into writing it down here
my lifeline


  1. i say jump, jos.

    why not?

    ps your header is spectacular. i totally love it!

  2. Oh, yeah, do I ever know that feeling. I love the defintion of Synchronicity I read many years ago:

    "LEAP! And the net will appear!"

    Go for it, Jos!! xoxo Blessings!

  3. It depends it could be a long drop..Are you willing?

  4. There is "why not", but also powerful "why". The tightness and clench are examinations? Necessary? I star into my eyes lately and hardly recognize them. Were they always thus? Have I never looked before...really looked? Examine. Yes, for me, clench.


  5. I am an olympiad at prevaricating. I think too much and do too little. Fear frames my thinking on every side. I am too scared to jump ... and scared of not jumping too.

    Annie, when we stare into our own eyes we MUST remember to be kind! Don't you think? xx

  6. i say, you are already jumping.
    are you enjoying the weightlessness, the bravery of looking in your own eyes?