A quiet place

Lately I have been seeking silence
a quiet place to think things through
not to dwell
just to rest awhile
re-group after recent upheavals
change comes around the corner
and even when it wears a friendly face
still it frightens me
so much to learn
so much
it still surprises me
that I can spend years learning little
and yet moments learning much
it would be so useful
if these moments lasted longer
and happened more often
but I'm not altogether sure
my heart could take it


  1. Ooooo. Change is sneaky. Change makes me {{Shiver}} and yet so often it is necessary and good. Your heart is so much stronger than you think Citrus, and more beautiful.

  2. It's hard to embrace change, since it so often means taking us from our comfortable places.

    But change is an inevitable force in life, so we're best off learning to handle it gracefully as possible.

    Take your solice where and when you can, to calm your mind and let the path reveal itself.

    (And always lean on a friend if you can - that's what friends are for!)

  3. Funny how it works like that isn't it? I have a friend that is famous for saying 'you don't know until you know, and once you know you can't not know'. I think that's how change happens. Like WHAM! There is it. No matter how much time something takes, it only takes a moment when the realization of the essence of a thing hits. Oh Jos, I do like this.

  4. Jos, this is so beautifully written. I like what
    Wine and words said. Change is very hard, but it is often just what we need and it is life, no getting around it. Love and giant hugs to you.xoxo

  5. Dear Jos....change IS scary.....but it usually leads to broader vistas and clarity of heart and mind. Think of this when you see "Magic Flute" - next week?

    Friends ARE here to lean on...without judging...

    Let me know how you enjoy the opera.

    Sending you love and hugs!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Change is scary but I am learning it sometimes can be a blessing.
    Your words are wonderful.
    I once could find the words but for a long time they just do not visit me.. I am glad they are with you.