30 Days of Truth - Day 5

Something you want to do in your life

I've never been one to look forward much. I get scared I think. But that aside there are things I want to do.

I want to learn at least one of the instruments I play properly. To orchestral-ish standard ideally. I can't decide whether to pursue the violin, the piano, or the classical guitar, but it will be one of these three as I already play them at a very basic level. It is an area of my life that gives me a lot of pleasure.

I want to go to London and have tea at the Ritz. I know ... I live only 2 hours drive from London, so I could do this one easily ... and yet I haven't. I will set a date to do this in the Spring so I can do something else fun that day, like go to a gallery or meet a friend for lunch.

I want to expand on my voluntary activities. I used to volunteer a lot but lately I've been letting work dominate. No more. My life is no longer going to be work centered beyond the point necessary to keep a level of income to support us both.

I want to learn to work with wood. I can work in metal but I like the less predictable nature of wood. Last year a walnut tree fell down in our back yard. I have set some pieces aside and will look for some classes when our finances improve.

The thing that I would like to do most though is developing my spiritual life. I am not yet sure how this will happen or where I need to start on that one. I will start and see where it takes me.

I think that'll do for starters!


  1. Jos, this is a wonderful list. I really like that you are looking into the spiritual, no goal can be more important.Bravo Jos! xoxo

  2. Hmmmm. I vote for the guitar Jos. Why? Because when I come to visit we will take it into the wild where we sit on unpredictable stumps of wood...you and I...and you will play and we will sing harmonies (with gusto, no matter how bad we may be) and angels will join our upturned voices. They will dance through the trees and show us truth.

    ♫I'm in the mood for a breakdown
    A slowing down
    Of all the things in my mind
    That keep on trying
    To figure out how to pin You down

    In desperate need of a shakedown
    A blowing down
    Of all the ways that I try
    To talk You into a corner
    Until You look like me

    But when I finally see what You see
    There's a symphony
    I hear a symphony

    Words cannot define
    What it means to be
    In your symphony
    In your symphony

    A long awaited let down
    A burning through
    That's calling me back to You
    With a beautiful melody
    Of all You love

    It's welling deep
    Inside of me
    It's springing out
    The song that I'm meant to sing
    So teach me the harmony
    To all You love

    Hearts in unison
    I'm drawn into Your love
    Hearts in unison
    I understand Your love.♫ (Chris Taylor - Symphony)

    Love you Citrus

  3. I love this! I am reading backwards so I'll eventually figure out what your up to with this 30 day business! Awesome stuff here...

    Chicks dig guitars... just sayin'.