Why is such a powerful question
to be used with caution
many sided as it is
at once a challenge
a request for clarification
but you see the thing is
that in any complete response
a peeling back is involved
an exposure of the layers
delving into the murky depths
of what motivates an act
or creates an interaction

In much the same way
I am cautious in answering
do you actually mean why
are you ready to engage
in a dialogue on the matter
deal with what may very well
turn out to be raw realities
or will platitudes suffice
in which case
the question is not why at all
and the simplest answer is
well ... it just is.

Why do we do what we do
side stepping the issue
we might ask instead
what made me do it
we may thus seek absolution
teetering on the edge
of a shocking self revelation
for isn’t the truth of it
that mostly we do what we do
for our own ends
seeking to meet our own needs
and that is why.

If life were that simple
questioning it would now falter
but isn't it also true
that in the way we seek
we sometimes act
in ways we would not normally
causing internal conflicts
as we try to justify the unjustifiable
shifting the burden of responsibility
from our own shoulders
why do we do this?

When we abdicate responsibility
for our actions
we become powerless
consigned to the fates
or to the will of the gods
in this way we misuse faith
cushioning ourselves from the reality
that we act this way
because we want to
at least at the time we do
but why?


  1. Why in deed Jos. Bloody hell this was brilliant. I have found, there is no cushioning from reality, at least I have no pillows for such. Why, always incorporates our own need. Ha! But you know your plattitudes will not suffice with me. We are way beyond that now :)

    Love you
    ~ Annie

  2. I am constantly in a state of disbelief at what a relationship entails. Even between the two most loving and innocent of people, there are misunderstandings and hurts. And as I've gotten to realize, over the last couple years, even one person can be a mass of confusion unto herself. Sometimes self motivations are so difficult to determine. And yet we move toward love. We are a brave lot. And so why? An uncountable number of reasons, I'm afraid.


  3. Hmmm. You made me think, and feel and something made me angry... Ewwwww... that means I have so looking to do (at me and that is not always fun lmao). This IS brilliant woman. xo Dana