Can silence
ever be as eloquent
as words spoken
or is it that the impact
of a look
can never match
what is said

In silence
we can be eloquent
without words
we can speak
a simple touch
a drawing near
can say more

But silence
can be a barrier
a separation
so I'll throw a line
aim it high
a string of words
from my side

What to say
that hasn't been
only this
I've been thinking
that letting you go
might make it easier
for you to stay


  1. oh jos. many hugs. thinking of you.

  2. this is beautiful, of course i could be silent but really i want to speak. I like it how you talk about speaking or silence and then in the last verse, the letting go. For me that means, when i don't know what to say, it's best to be silent and then everything will turn out beautifully, to stay. :)

  3. Oh Jos... there is something to be said in that last line. I love all of this, but that last line, well... I get it. I need to be let go. I need there to be no expectation in order for me to flourish, in order for me to feel safe. I need to be somewhere solely because I choose it, instead of being held to obligation or expectation. Oh I sooooooo get that. What is it they say about expectations and pre meditated resentments? That's soooo me!

  4. Joker (hugs back), I have been thinking of you a lot of late. I will revert to email to say the rest.

    Joz!! You're back! Glad you've managed to get back on line. I hate it when my pc is capputt. I do think there is value in silence, and I hope that all will turn out well in the end.

    Dana, I don't think I ever realised that someone might need to be let go of. I guess because I myself need the security of being needed. I am learning though. Slowly.

    xx Jos

  5. ((HUGS)) dear friend. Throw a line, string of words. Hope you caught something...a keeper. I wish I could sit with you right now, indian style, face to face, trace stupid doodles in the dirt and just be there in the know, in just what we know.

  6. Jos, this just tore at my heart. It says so much between the words and lines and that, to me, is the gift of a true writer. You are a master of the written word and I bow to you. Sending you love, hugs & blessings! xoxo

  7. "In silence we can be eloquent without words"... My, Jos, could there anything more true than this? How words mean little with just a simple stare and an honest touch...

    I am a hopeless romantic, and your words fit perfectly in my heart. :) ox

  8. Wow, this is so deep. I love the fact that you turn every thought and feeling inside out and question and answer each turn.
    Thank you for your message, it really helped me to understand so much more about cancers. We need the day when all is healed of hearts, mind and body. I know we are getting there and think the money world is taking over and dominating the breakthrough. That good people are trying to create another breakthrough. Here's to a better future for all the world.

    Thank you!



  9. Oh, Jos. What a gift you have. Another beautiful poem, but the second half especially electrified me. I tend to be more taciturn and let others interpret the silence, but if I had your way with words, you wouldn't be able to shut me up.

  10. I feel/fear for you. It's a very difficult place to be in, caught between speach and silence, wanting so badly for communication on a level perhaps deeper than words. I hope for you, too.


  11. Oh Annie, there is nothing I'd like better! Something so therapeutic about doodling in the dirt. I still do that too.

    Marion, thank you. Such simple words, but I mean it. Thank you. and Blessings to you too.

    Me too Amalia, totally hopeless. Incurably so.

    Julie I so agree taht it seems that way. On the upside scientists tend to be quietly non-conformant ... I think on the whole they work toward the greater good despite the money led agenda.

    Bella I love the word taciturn. It conveys so much more than being a quiet person. Those of us who think before we speak can sometimes be mis-interpretted. Even so I am taciturn too.

    Erin, as always you see just how it is. I do feel caught between a rock and a hard place. I'll figure it out never fear. I am tougher than I perhaps seem. This is my safe place where I don't have to be, that's all.

    xx Jos