How goes it

Can I sit with you
by your side
not meeting your eyes
brother can I be here
will you accept my presence

Are the drugs working
do you feel safe
from these memories
walking through this pain
looking only ahead

Why are your eyes dead
where is your spririt
some kind of resistance
I rely on you even now
to lead the way

But why do I do this
you are not strong
I've known it always
hard wired by decree
much loved always by me

If you don't cope well
I needn't either
I can be a child again
ask for protection
curl in upon myself

I needn't even try
I can just give in
let the waves wash over
feel the ebb and flow
momentarily let go


  1. i'm holding your hand in a virtual way.

  2. One is too much to be in pain.
    Two, unbearable. I hope you can love each other well.