Your kindness

There is something about kindness
I can endure hardship and hurt
although I can totally understand
why you mightn't think so
but kindness
well kindness undoes me completely
leaves me sitting on the kitchen floor
holding onto the cupboard handles
whilst crashing waves run through
and over and past me.

I don't deserve such thoughtfulness
having not given enough of myself
and yet suddenly there it is
totally unexpectedly
your kindness
I can write words I can't say out loud
sending them on a wing and a prayer
almost trusting in your understanding
that words unspoken aren't the same
as feelings not felt.

Will you recognise yourself here
think perhaps I'm writing of another
that small acts have small impacts
but that isn't really so
with kindness
I wish sometimes I was braver
and better at putting into words
how some things affect me so deeply
that I am left feeling undone
which is no bad thing.


  1. Seriously, wow.

    You have said a million things here.

    I want you to know that I hear you and that I care.

    You are not alone, ever.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. i had a parcel from overseas yesterday and it left me feeling an amazing connection. that is the thing about the internet; we can say and feel things that daily life does not allow.

  3. Funny thing that Joker (wag wag, lick, slobber ((hug))))... had a parcel myself this morning! Same source I suspect, more connections being made.

    Renee, you touch me deeply with your words, as ever. xxJ

  4. Are you even kidding me? Putting your thoughts into words? You've one of the most eloquent and even hands I've read on-line.

    Kindness undoes me too. Undoes me. Sometimes almost beyond repair.

  5. Jos can I catch up with you on the way back from Exeter???. We're flying back on Aug 29 so it will be our last chance otherwise. Don't knows what I've done with your email but at least I always knows where to get ahold of you now ;) See you in a couple of weeks and get more beer in willya we need a few flats and a firepit to get the real thing going hahahahahahaha toots Jack