A poor solution

Have you ever
leaped off the edge
how did it feel
were you scared
were you aware
more alive

Did you stop
at the precipice
look down
see the depths
feel the fear
tingle of excitement
but anyway

Did you jump
a leap of faith
the outer edge
would miss you
leave you falling
into infinity

I heard the call
some nurse
did I know you
was I related
shared history
locked eyes
killing you

I remember
pain unrelenting
hidden deep within
monster moving
rough hands on us
eyes imploring
can we escape

Not then but now
we are bigger
children grown
bodies beyond desire
of despicable urges
adult form without
child still within

I hold your hand
I will you well
I wish you better
and yet, and yet
healing withheld
waves washing over
buoys notwithstanding

I wait for news
white coated men
who keep secrets
from those who care
who wait outside
seeing these movies
reliving this with you

What resolution
some healing somehow
will you accept
a life half lived
a healing half given
a compromise
a poor solution


  1. Dear friend when I read poetry which I have only started doing on blogs I so many times see how deep it is for me.

    This poem pulled at my heart, even though I don't really get it, I felt pain. I'm probably wrong but that is what I felt.


    Happy Canada day to you my fellow Canadian.


  2. I am so sorry that something horrible happened to your brother. Those bastards should rot.

    I'm sorry. I will be keeping your brother in my thoughts.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. Here it is again and my questions fall away and all that's left is this urge to heal. And to turn back time and walk away with you both.