Your words

Your words are like the air
seemingly insubstantial
there in the moment
and then gone
without words though
how would we give flight
to our thoughts

Here your words are written down
and not just here
for I re-write them
in my heart
I horde them
garner them
use them to fill my small dinghy
so I can set sail once more

Your words help to keep me afloat
in the choppy seas
that surround the coastline
of my life
they give me courage
to set a course
beyond the safe harbour
outside of the inland waters

Your words are like an extra hand
helping me to steady the tiller
lending strength and more
they help me to fashion a purpose
your re-assuring presence
is a source of warmth
when colder winds blow
a voice in the silent void

Your words are like laughter
in the fine times
filling the sails
spinning us around
so that we can set off
in joyful pursuit
of the moon
shining low on the horizon

Your words are soaked in compassion
they undo an essential tightness in me
causing this sense of unravelling
and release
however often it feels
that I am alone in my thoughts
you come alongside me
with your words


  1. A lovely poem and yes, that's what I desire as well.

  2. Beautiful words Jos. Sending love and a zillion hugs. I hope the waves calm down for you soon.

  3. So nice of you to write a tribute to me, Jos!

    (Hmm? What? NOT me? Oh poo!)

  4. I wish I had more words at the moment. My rowboat, your dinghy, erin's canoe. We are a marina and we tie our lines together...boat to boat.

  5. so alone, we are
    and yet in our witnessing, together

    beautiful poem, jos

    all my best