The short necked giraffe

If a leopard does not notice her own spots
then is it not possible that she might
take herself for another creature entirely
she might for example think herself to be
an exceptionally short necked giraffe
with perhaps unusually short legs as well
whose tastebuds have gone a little wonky
so that she doesn't really like eating leaves
the youngest tenderest twigs hold little appeal
but still she doesn't think it in the least bit odd
as she looks with a more than passing interest
at some passing herd of antelope or zebra

Our leopard can see some differences though
she is not altogether as dull witted as it seems
she notices that the other giraffes like to hang out
whereas she is more of the solitary kind
the stay up all night on the prowl kind
not inclined to gather round tall trees for a chat
nor walk in stately fashion under the midday sun
instead our short-necked short-legged giraffe
likes to loll about in the half light of shade
surveying the savanna in what one might say
was not in the least in a giraffe-like way

How does one arrive at self awareness
what sort of event must befall our non-giraffe
before she awakens to the facts of her hitherto
unsuspected but undeniably true inherent nature
and supposing our non-giraffe doesn't want
to be a spotted non-herbivore one, what then?
to have to re-invent yourself is not any easier
just because you are what you have been all along
especially if you didn't know you are what you are
and always thought you were what you weren't
leopards might shrug it off but can a would-have-been giraffe?


  1. I think the fact that she is asking these questions is the start of self awareness.

  2. Jos, you are getting so close to the truth. This is a wonderful piece of writing and self awareness, when she finally wakes up to who she really is there will be no stopping her! xoxo

  3. dear ms leopard: i hope that sounds just right :)

    your writing is soaring into the stratesphere. incredible piece of writing. the image is so powerful

    advice to myself (for sharing if desired): be who you are and don't be who you aren't

    p.s you can be a short neck girafe sometimes too if you want


  4. It is not easy to love one's particular spots, and can take a lifetime to know each spots perfections and imperfections, and still learn to accept/work with the vagaries of each one. learn how they work together to make you your own wonderful self. it can take a lifetime.
    then what? Do we start all over again???

  5. jos, your comments on my private blog today: wow. incredible words and wisdom about love.
    thank you. ♥

    ps. ah mim knows the word 'vagaries' too and she used it correctly, unlike me... :)

  6. had fun visiting your site.