Remembering Renée

I recollect your last words to me
I wonder if in timelessness
you have time to remember too
to miss those still missing you
to ponder on such earthly concerns
do peaceful hearts gone to rest
feel the faintest echo of an ache

Some days eternity seems so near
separated by only the sheerest
and flimsiest of partitions
a light curtain lifting in the breeze
as if heaven lies not beyond
but just here
the merest step away

I wonder what it's like
how it feels
whether you can see us
each one remembering you
storing your story in our hearts
an ever widening ripple
of being together strong

I re-visit your words sometimes
a trail of treasures leading me on
to an ever deeper understanding
and with it a greater thirst
to know more, break free
take to the air and fly
leave this heavy heart to lie

I am keeping to our promise
holding fast where faith falters
trusting when belief stumbles
that when time ceases for all time
my hopeful heart will have courage
enough to take flight
with my own set of wings


  1. I wonder also, and I miss her

  2. She taught a great deal and for me, in a short time. She's a wonder. I miss her too. I hope she is zapping away pure spunk energy, har-har.


  3. jos, this is so beautiful. so much love. you've written this with a depth of talent and an economy of words. thank you, jos.

    i miss her too, i wonder too.

    'a light curtain lifting in the breeze
    as if heaven lies not beyond
    but just here
    the merest step away'

    since she died i think like this, that the line between living and dying is so very thin.

    i am thankful i met you through renee, jos.


  4. A thoughtful and beautiful tribute.
    It's very peaceful and full of promise.

    (I'm sure she likes it.)

  5. hey...I found you again. And while I didn't get to know Renee well, the few times we connected, it was so meaningful. And I think of you whenever I see your artwork in my living room, truly I do.

  6. It makes me want to write something positive and lovely so I can be remembered as having gifted something worthy to the universe. *sigh*

    She was a beautiful person. I found her at the tale end of this journey, but you know, hers continues elsewhere, as does mine.

    Love you Citrus.

  7. Beautiful, Powerful, full of love and loss.
    I feel EXACTLY the same...

    She "introduced" of the 10,000,000 things I will be forever grateful for.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. I wonder what part of us misses what we hold inside, so near and dear to the love they created. You have written what I know with invincible faith lives in the heart of those she touched with grace, humor and irreverence.

    The unique, the never replaceable Renée, still loving now "from" the Moon and back.

    It is good to see you in my home, and coming to yours to let you know I appreciate your presence in my life.

  9. Oh so beautiful dear Jos. I miss her too. I love you like I loved renee, you too are a special, wonderful, giving woman. Renee IS very proud of you. XOXO