Another request

There are valleys of pain
once in you must walk through
the steep sides cannot be climbed
there are no shortcuts to up and away

Pain has it’s own lessons to teach
and won’t stand by being unheard
patience holds hands with pain
forcing us to be still and experience

To surrender some part of ourselves
to the inevitability that release
comes only in its own time, not ours
that it has meaning beyond existence

I would that this were not so, even so
but power over such matters as this
lies elsewhere, if indeed it lies anywhere
surely a subject of its own plunging depths

Beyond reasoning even as I rage
at the injustice that allows pain
to be wrought so indiscriminately
robbing us of ourselves and others

To the point where even existence itself
seems pointless when we cannot know
what fate holds, how life will unfold
turning corners onto unknown avenues

Where the gods promise only uncertainty
well, certainly in this life if not the next
the cycle of life perpetuates the myth
that things stay the same when they don’t

Is pain visited only on thinking beings
or is it that we are deaf to the screams
as plants wither, as leaves dry and drop
limbs falling to the ground of the forest

I would like to take The Makers hand
lead her to the place pain was first created
and ask her to unmake this one thing
unknowing of the consequences therein


  1. Jos
    I hear you and I've known deep valleys but certainly not as deep as other's, not yours, not Renee's. And not to minimize the pain or the loss, for it is impending, is it not, with all of us, but to shed just a little light...Perhaps you know it. I just read it at Marion's: (cut and paste)

    What you write here is both beautiful and powerful. I just want to perhaps give you a toe hold on the side of one of those walls.


  2. Hi Jos, i don't know you, but your poetry speaks to me, because i was/am in pain, i feel i am walking the valley now with a certain serenity even with love.
    I speak more of myself in my other blog.

  3. tomorrow i will give you a big healing hug; for tonight, a big healing cyberhug

  4. to unmake pain, now wouldn't that be great...