Walking on.

I met a Seer who asked me to look
so I turned my head to follow her gaze
seeing nothing of note I turned again
to find her countenance radiant with joy
in wonder she said to me “did you see?”
wanting some part of her joy I nodded
knowing that it was a lie, I walked on

Meeting a Believer who said “have faith”
while on her knees she asked me to pray
so I said some words not of my heart
and watched as her face filled with peace
then she said to me, “your faith is strong”
wanting some part of her peace I nodded
knowing it was in part a lie, I walked on

I then met a Doer who asked for help
she looked strong in her determination
so I stayed to lend a hand in the doing
watching the tasks completed mount up
in satisfaction she said "you've done well"
wanting some regard in myself I nodded
it was in most part a lie, so I walked on

To find a Done-Toer asking for comfort
her vivid scars were clear to see
displaying her vulnerability with pride
making my heart ache as I drew near
she said “you have wounds deeper than I”
wanting to share in her comfort I nodded
an unfathomable lie, yet I walked on

Meeting a Listener who asked me to hear
even in my impatience I paused awhile
as she described such beauty in sounds
she said "you hear what others cannot"
I tried to discern beyond the cacophony
and told of melodies playing in the wind
lies written on my face as I walked on

I next met a Thinker who spoke little
in her silence she compelled me to stop
telling me that all answers lie within
so I sat pondering a purpose in it all
then she said to me “you are enlightened”
and wanting to think this true I nodded
lying time and again as I walked on

To meet a Teacher asking for wisdom
thinking I had some to share I spoke
words spilling out over each other
as I emptied myself of lessons half learnt
after a pause she said "you are a wise one"
and in my pride I nodded my agreement
more lies added to others as I walked on

And found a Healer asking of me nothing
being also a Believer, Doer, Thinker, Seer
seemingly all these things and more
my heart stood still even as I stood still
under the gaze of one seeing some of my lies
a voice said “look” and I trembled turning
to see only a Seeker walking towards truth

So I asked for meaning instead of healing
in delight the Healer laughed and said
“steps have purpose and meaning of their own
remember, beauty is found in these fragments
that make up the whole, so walk more gentley"
taking a hold of my hands the Healer smiled
as I nodded my head and turned to walk on.


  1. It seems I mis-spoke when I said I haven't the heart to write at the moment. No sooner had I posted that comment when something in me started to rebel against it. Funny thing that.

  2. oh jos. this is so very good.

    “steps have purpose and meaning of their own
    remember, beauty is found in these fragments
    that make up the whole, so walk more gentley"

    i love the way you set this poem up: the meetings, the lessons, the lies, and finally the meaning. i hope you submit this somewhere if you want to. it is very very fine poetry.

    i am so glad to have you-the-honest-poet on the blogs. thank you, renee, for jos too.


  3. Lovely. I can picture this moment...hand in hand with no expectation or requirement. How beautiful that moment could be. Asking for meaning instead of healing is wise. Like Solomon asking for wisdom instead of riches or fame. Understanding is the place from which healing comes.

  4. and i want to say, aha, look at you, you ARE wise, but in light of your poem i'll just say, you live beautifully. and jos, this is even in the pain, i'm afraid. you do live beautifully.

    brilliant poem, jos.


  5. Oh KJ ... I can't find that little heart thing you do. I am as we all are ... honest and dis-honest. I am finding my way. How I miss Renee. I know you do too. I know how hard it is to walk on. I so love it that we share something so real. What a gift Renee has left us.

    Annie, I want to know that you are OK ... or not. I want to know either way. You know??

    Erin, I can't help feeling that I'm far too simplistic. I break complexity down in order to find meaning. It is my nature. I try to grasp the deeper meanings but they are beyond me. I live with the frustration ... but not willingly. xx

  6. hi Jos...
    i noticed the little window you left for me on my blog... flew through it... and wow!
    what a wonderful world... full of sparkling stuff crow loves...

    this work here is a wow!
    i drank it drop by drop and enjoyed...

    yes... what really matters is the journey... not the destination... the question... not the answer...

    i found you a beautiful soul... walking on the path of life... so truthfully...

    happy to know you...


    and hi to kj... in passing by...