Safe Havens

Safe havens come in many forms
sometimes containing things
previously considered unsafe
only upon reflection with the relative
comfort of distance can it be seen
that everything has its own nature

Maybe by learning the nature of things
predictability can reduce randomness
not altogether but perhaps just enough
anxiety lessening as excitement grows
a fascination in the prediction process
reducing those old fears and distress

A lesson that if carried forward
creates safer havens in more forms
a confidence that should unexpected
events occur, this is not in or of itself
a matter that need be of undue concern
safety thus becomes a state of mind

I went to just such a place recently
where through warmth and laughter
I learnt again that difference is good
more inclusive than banal uniformity
spectrum of diversity becoming the norm
appreciated for its multicoloured hue

Some safe havens draw you into them
so instead of the feeling on the outside
I’m ushered in to take a chair by the fire
sat in a resting place with good company
accepted without question or distrust
trusting in turn bringing its own reward

Wisdom falls often on stony ground
but wandering once more upon the path
of recollection, happening on a stone
upon which are written simple words
saying when hard things happen in life
it helps to know there will be an after

Now that is treasure worth pocketing
and carrying home this precious gift
I ponder how to share it back to its giver
along with gratitude for time and welcome
with truly healing hugs and mugs of tea
made stronger by bonds of friendship.


  1. oh jos, i don't know what to write, this is lovely.

  2. Safe heaven is to share with a friend like you the joy and tears of life. You too write to my heart.

  3. spectrum of diversity becoming the norm...i see it in her writing...i see you on her couch - happy. i like it.