Dear heart

Can I draw a circle around you?
protect you from all and sundry
I'd stand even against the gods
but will that make any difference
being only a mere mortal as I am

I stand, I make a stand beside you
I look to the skies and then I beg
for help where I cannot be myself
does it suffice ... this heartbreak
I fear not, but not because of you

I fear that such unworthy souls
are not heard, that their prayers
batter at heavens door in vain
and yet still I persist in asking
for some ease from your suffering

Can I tell you what I have learnt
in the course of our short friendship
I've learnt that some hearts open
perhaps at the least provocation
taking in souls, making them whole

You offered a love with no limits
do you even know how that feels
it's like an oasis in the parched desert
like a special kind of homecoming
and so I pray, hoping to ease your way

Looking now into the heavens
falling fervently onto my knees
I beseech on my dear hearts behalf
how can I not when it means so much
will you listen, grant this one prayer


  1. i saw two poems today in the blog of a friend and i thought of you - this is the link to them:

  2. Protection. I wish I had the power.

  3. All we can do is stand beside. That might be all there is but it is a mighty lot.

    be well
    draw circles anyway, just in case

  4. jos, your heart will heal. i know you will never be the same, but you will live wider and deeper. i think i know how you feel.

    your poetry is good. i love this line:

    'I fear that such unworthy souls
    are not heard, that their prayers
    batter at heavens door in vain'

    no worries, jos, because yours is a worthy soul. let time do its work. keep writing and sharing. i'll of course be back rooting for you.


  5. believe. trust. keep the faith...

  6. Ah Joker, now that Guest House poem is something else, I liked the Wild Geese one too ... but the Guest House holds out that most intangible of things, hope.

    Annie, yes protection, don't we all wish at times we had this power.

    Erin, I will keep standing, and drawing circles ... you never know.

    KJ, the circle I wanted to draw in this case is around Renee. My heart both heals and breaks ... funny thing that. I just wish that prayers had some bloody effect ... wish I could catch the Makers hand and make him/her see how it shouldn't be like this.

    Shadow, I guess that is what faith means ... believing despite it all. Without it I'm bereft, but at times it feels like the most purile thing ... to believe in anything. How does faith answer the question of suffering??? And yet who am I to question The Creator? Why have a brain if not to ask questions ... to seek truth. Shit, what do I know?


  7. Jos, I know, I know

    I have dealt with and accepted hard circumstances but our dear renee: how much I wish we could protect her.

    I keep thinking your poetry is about heartbreak because it speaks to me deeply. I'm due to linger in your archives one of these days

    together strong jos

    ♥ kj

  8. Wow, so much beauty!
    Hi Jos, my name is Joz
    I am come out of the shadow

  9. I do think we all walk the same paths but with softer foot prints. Sometimes we create damage by our running. We cause crater's in our soul waiting for the hand of another to reach out and take us out inside of climbing our self.
    I do not know where that come from..but for some reason it is for you.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I truly enjoyed visitng your blog.. I will return. If you do not mind.

  10. This is really lovely - Renee has touched so many of us, and in so many ways she does have a magic circle around her.


  11. my day is filled with thoughts
    of her
    of me
    of us
    so flimsy
    so unfair
    i bleed
    tears of blood

  12. Thank you for coming by. Those of us who love Renee are going collectively and individually through our own grief and for the first time since I learned that happiness shared is twice as much happiness and pain shared half as much, I realize that it doesn't apply here. While we share our grief the heart is lonely and sadness is a blanket that I cannot shed way away from me right now. Blessings, of the kind you believe in.

  13. Such a beautiful poem for our Renee. Blessings...

  14. Oh this is beautiful, I found myself re-reading it over, I loved this. So wonderfully done!