The nature of hope

I have long been a believer in hope
although not always sure of it's source
or indeed of it's purpose if any
but there is power in small words
and for me the two that resonate
in the deepest chambers of my heart
have always been joy and hope.

Joy because it is this that I hope for
and hope because without it
there is no point in trying at anything
but it is more than that really
there will come hopeless days
joyless times arrive unannounced
life turns in such unexpected ways

It can seem on these sorts of days
that hope has withdrawn from us
hidden it's face for fear of rejection
because pain is one of it's many foes
robbing us of that special sight
that let's us to cling to hope's light
but although unseen hope remains

The problem with hopelessness
is that in itself it robs us of more
depleted we can succumb to fear
a potent foe and pains dearest friend
these two would have us ravaged
toss us into the merciless storms
but even here some hope remains

Because hope is not vanquished
although it's light can seem very dim
it waits only as it dare not encroach
on what looks like a hopeless situation
but here the secret is to look again
and if for any reason strength fails you
I will pray, I will gather hope's strength

For what is prayer but an exercise in hope
hope that you will find comfort and meaning
hope that you will find strength to hope
hope that you will feel surrounded by love
hope that your myriad of friends will uphold you
hope that your tribulations will ease
and of healing, yes I hope with all my heart

Did you know that you are a source of joy
perhaps I've have neglected to tell you
assuming as I do that your heart knows mine
and thus I need not mention this
it's in the constancy of your kindness
the wickedness of your raucous laughter
what, you don't think I can hear it from here?

On days when you feel no hope at all
I want you to know that it stands there
an invisible fiery angel with feathery wings
it stands right next to you dear heart
perhaps just beyond your vision for today
but later on ... who knows what awaits
and isn't that just the nature of hope.

All my love. Always. xx Jos


  1. this is beautiful. i always try to guess who your poems are for but in a way they are for all of us.

  2. i know, jos. i know, and it has filled me and healed me, just a bystanding friend with a tender heart.

  3. I will always have hope. I will never be without it, not even for a minute.

    This felt as if it could be written for me, it has so much meaning and import for me dear Jos.

    And remember there is no such thing as false hope as all hope is true. False hope would be an oxymoron.

    Jos you are a dream and an absolute pleasure to have in my life.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Jos I forgot to ask can I get your home mailing address? Just put it in a separate comment and I will delete it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. Renee, you know my heart. Email on way xxx

  6. Sweet friend, thank you for the beautiful comment on my blog today.