Over you

You think you're over it
but on picking up the phone
hearing that voice
and opening your mouth
to say something, anything

your mouth dries

So what did I say?
banalities that's what
I listened in horror
to the shake in my voice
meaningless words tumbling out

and I knew

Time is elastic that way
snapping me back
to re-living events I'd thought
gone if not forgotten
but of course my heart

is nowhere near over you.


  1. Funny how that works. It takes time but it will happen.

  2. time is your friend, jos. easier will come.
    this is a wonderful poem, one of my favorites.

    both i and my friend tracie, who is a songwriter, said what if hearts bounce instead of break?

    keep writing ♥

  3. i;m stopping by again this morning to reread this beautiful poem and to leave a little kiss on your brave cheek.

    ♥ jos,

  4. Jos, I am right there with you. Beautiful poem. I don't think you ever get over loving someone, love is meant to stay not leave after all. Hugs and kisses. xoxo

  5. I think we give pieces of our heart away. If we knew the length of their residence elsewhere, perhaps we would be more cautious. But then we would wind up with nothing but our whole heart, just an organ pumping, rather than the flute it becomes, playing our memories like yesterday's reasoning and tomorrow's knowledge.

    Perhaps there is no getting over. Only through. It seems right. Love is not something to be overcome, but to become one with. Reconciled in either in the having, or not. But there is always the space of it, the shape it was and always is. Still a melody.