A piece of my heart

I never knew that paintings
could speak so to my heart
until the day I saw yours
and instead of looking away
something made me pause
so I stopped to look again
and a little door opened
in the corner of my mind

I walked through and found
myself seeing something new
a vista of such celebration
a party conveyed by a brush
and how I laughed to see it
seeing that some hearts speak
in shape and colour and texture
and some listen with eyes alone

I was drawn in, in a way
that I'd never known before
and so I said so, well no
I didn't actually say so
being the klutz bunny I am
I tried to say so though
and well, wouldn't you know
your open heart heard mine

By some happy circumstance
I was in a position to say
something I never usually do
I said would you, could you
and here's where your heart
listened particularly carefully
because you didn't just say yes
you painted me my 'orange pop'

I have positioned it here
and I've tried it over there
I've even taken it upstairs
but somehow it calls to me
saying I need the dark wood
to lay against to make me glow
I bet that even you didn't know
you'd sent me a piece of my heart.

An Annie Coe original defies words
no really, just take another look
and to see more go here


  1. You've discovered art that speaks to you. That's what it's all about.

  2. Sweetness. I can imagine your friend, tongue out, thinking of you and your spirit with each stroke.


  3. Jos, your words make me teary and all I can say is that it was a pleasure to paint this for you.
    No one has ever loved a painting I did as much as you. You are not a klutz bunny, you are a wonder. Love and hugs and many, many kisses.
    Thank you for this. xoxo

  4. i'd recognize it anywhere.

    and not just annie's wonderful artistry.

    i'd recognize the love too.