From this place

Sometimes tears fall
and the heart eases
but not always

there are landscapes
arid desserts within
that remain barren

and from this place
it seems that even
words run dry

not for always
just for now
or so I hope anyway


  1. Jos, you sound sad. I am sending great heaps of love and giant hugs. xoxo

  2. I hope so, too. Just for now.

    I am always astounded by how perspective can radically change at strange promptings. Hey, a woman with a banana hat on her head and with feathers sticking out of her rear just crossed the street! How is that for a prompt?

    Be well, Jos, and come back better.


  3. Be well indeed my friend... We'll be waiting, and loving in the meantime.
    PS. How do you make 'hey friends I'm takin' a break' sound so poetic anyway... See, now THAT is why I think you're wonderful!

  4. No not always. But this is where we and I. The barren lanscape of heart, chasing mirages and sucking rocks for moisture. And for that...I wouldn't change it. You are precious enough that this wasteland was and is a blessing.


  5. Just for now from each tear that falls a new hope will be born.

    Just for now from each painful memory a moonlight one will comeback to be remembered once again.

    Just for now silence will enrobed itself in mist and a song from the past will sound like a lullaby.

    Just for now tears will flow and winter will come without us noticing it.

  6. jos, there is a theme in your writing of not being able to communicate; of holding out hope, of temporarily being misunderstood or unheard, but then again being unable to form the words.

    why is that?

    i want you to be happy. sometimes facing what that means is so hard.

    love you, jos