Half a century

I remember a time
before I was scared of you
a time when I was
just your little girl
and you were my daddy
and that's what I choose
to remember today
I get to choose you see
now I'm almost a grown up

(Father's Day today)

Onto happier things ... 

My gentle man is 50 years old today. Half a century. All is prepared for a special day. I have made blueberries in maple syrup. Ha! I say made, all I've done is cooked the berries in the syrup until lovely and gloopy. Job done. I have made pancake batter, I have bought maple cure streaky bacon ....

For later on sis & I will prepare 3 curries, dahl, rice and naan. We will all sit down together tonight for a family celebration, a joint birthday meal for Trev and Father's Day meal for my brother-in-law.

Over our years together my favourite breakfast of all time (maple sweetened blueberries, thick american style pancakes and crispy streaky bacon) has become his too. How lucky does that make me? Sometimes I forget to appreciate my good fortune. I am lucky that Trev's birthday coincides with Fathers Day this year because it gives me a good reason to focus on the good things in my life without dwelling on the past like I usually do.

Because it's the big five-oh I have been scrimping wherever possible and putting aside some money each week for the last few years. Saving up for an extra special gift. A Nikon D7000 digital SLR. It was either that or a telecaster guitar but really ... we have more than enough guitars.

I am practising patience today. Normally on Trev's birthday I wake him up at the crack of dawn because I love the gift opening bit ... then the playing with what he's (we've) got bit.

I am still somewhat over-awed by the fact that we are "allowed" to do whatever we choose to.

I have decided to wait for him to wake up naturally ... even to the point of not making unnecessary noise (despite the fact Trev could sleep through a riot happening right next to his ear). Don't you think that's pretty mature of me?

Being an almost-grown-up totally rocks some days.


  1. Very mature. You sound happy woman. I'm glad.

  2. Jos, you sound so happy and alive and you know that makes me gleeful :-). I hope your day, though
    half done by now, is a joyful one. Happy Birthday to Trev, I hope he knows how very lucky he is. XOXO

  3. *giggle*. So wonderful what you have chosen this day Citrus! Crispy bacon! Yum. And the Indian dinner menu sounds scrumtuous. My husband and his brother and another friends husband hate curry. All three of us wives love it. So this Friday is Chicks and Curry night for the ladies. My mouth is watering :)

    Love you!

  4. the poem. wow. I keep reading it. whew.

    hope it was a lovely day and that the camera was a hit.

    how I'm back to read the poem again.

  5. Love this post. Happy Bday to Trev and many more to come. Being over 60, I sometimes forget to celebrate each passing year. (last time was my 60th, as I am the firt person in my family to have reached 60, all dies before!) So, this reminds me to (still) count my blessings and remember that each year is yet another gift. Thanks.

  6. A lovely life-affirming post! And 50 is special - I sometimes think that I know myself so much better in my fifties and can relax within my skin. (And goodness knows, my skin is relaxing a lot ;)).
    And that's the feeling that this entire piece of writing gives me. Live the day.

  7. I hope you and Trev thoroughly enjoyed the special day and the delicious feast. The blueberries, pancakes and bacon sound perfect.

    P.S. Thank you for leaving such a warm and kind comment on a recent post of mine (I have removed the post since then). Your thoughtfulness was deeply appreciated.

    Warmest greetings,