Missing you

I was all right
well sort of
then you hugged me
and I fell apart
that's what happens
when you show

I know that I already
said it undoes me
because it does
and I'm left here
trying to find a way
to make it OK
but it isn't

So I'm left with
shame and pain
not your intent
which adds to it
see I do understand
but I can't help
to put it right

Except in this way
to do it here
in my safe place
where I can write
what I can't say
so many things
like I miss ... you


  1. I'm glad you've a safe place. We all need a safe place. Wish it was a bit warmer with that very person to hug.

  2. Being Safe is good. We all need that place.

  3. jos, you are a talented poet. you write from the heart and i know it reaches and touches and helps others.

    i can't help but identify with this but i'm not sure if your challenge and mine are similiar. i do read this as a love poem, above all....

    have you published any poems, jos? you should...


  4. Oh it brings the tears don't it...you are barely holding it together, just a tendril of composure left. Compassion is the undoing. And yet we need to release. That tendril really is of no benefit when there is mourning to do.

    Tissues, hugs, shoulders on which to cry. Sending it all to you.


  5. Hi Jos, thank you for leaving a comment today on my blog. This poem is lovely and oh, how I relate to it. xoxo

  6. can i please please link to your poems? This one is heartbreaking..

  7. beautiful... every para speaks so much...
    nice post
    take care

  8. What a poignant expression of longing!
    It's ironic yet touching how 'a hug' can make you fall apart, and writing about 'missing you' can bring you closer!

  9. May you find the light within you that dispels the shadows of your sorrow.