Hearing from you.

When you told me
the tears flowed
I wanted so much
to touch
to hold you
ease you
the loneliness
since I can't
be here and there
I must stay here


I'm sending you
my true heart
always believing
in our friendship
in more care
yet another prayer
and I'll hope
to ease your heart
despite my absence
I am with you.

We talk of hope
cry out our despair
and I listen
to the weight
of your heavy heart
I hear the depth
of your pain
I would walk
any distance
by your side


Some types of walk
must happen alone
well, almost so
don't turn your head
or you will only see
what lies behind
past dreams long dead
but up ahead
there lies hope.

I admire your strength
the courage to say
to still trust
it scares me though
what if my heart
is found wanting
when you need me most
isn't there risk
in all things


Trust begets more
so I open my heart
show you the core
knowing you take care
more tears flow
and as my heart eases
along with yours
I say that I'm always glad
to hear from you
my friend.


  1. Goodmorning in real time Jos.

    I am going to climb back into bed for part 3 of what I hope will be me falling asleep.

    This was beautiful as is all your writing.

    Goodnight God Bless you.

    Love Renee xoxox

  2. Darling Jos snow, that is wonderful. I still love snow and we have had it for days now, but I still love to see it come down.

    Yes I have banished the bats but they don't give a shit and won't leave. Oh well.

    Love Renee xoxoo

  3. This is so beautiful Jos, I almost thought it was new until I saw my comments again.

    Full rosary day sounds like a plan.