time off for napping

It's torn ligaments apparently that's all it is, what a relief, well of sorts
this doctor who looks about fifteen years old helps me down from the table
and whilst I'm standing wavering slightly in my agony she talks of Pilate's
all I'm interested in is effective analgesics, but there are hoops here so I wait
and armed with a mighty cocktail I creep home hand on wall, old lady walking.

And safely home I look at the goodie bag, reminding me of candy at Halloween
I take my first dose of everything prior to reading the contra-indications list
in the end it's all about priorities and pain ranks up there big time at the mo
seems like I could keel over from any one of these meds for too many reasons
so I figure not too worry overly, at least the pain will eventually subside.

So time is passing in a slightly muggy fuzzy daze of drinking tea, dozing
wondering why my incidental eye infection rather than clearing up has flared
so that looking in a mirror I look like my face has gone all squishy and puffy
but at least I can navigate the stairs quite safely, albeit at a snails pace
and the trip to get another cup of tea requires careful planning and a nap.

I am so seldom laid up for any time at all so it's quite a strange experience
a little peak into the lives of people who disappear for months from work
re-appearing completely changed, gaunt, or quite the opposite, but changed
talking more quietly, moving less certainly, thinking perhaps a bit more slowly
and looking out of place, the pack has been shuffled whilst they were away.

And work is like that don't you find? That those who turn up without fail
find themselves being shuffled due to the temporary absence of colleagues
who on their return hold them responsible for not learning to juggle quickly
and in choosing which balls to drop without fail drop the most critical of all
leaving plenty of scope for the blame game, the game apparently no-one plays.

So instead of resting up and enjoying this time away I am worrying about this
for I know my fellow jugglers in this case all too well, and skilled they are not
well, not in the keeping of many things tumbling through the air they're not
they're bloody good at letting it all crash down and pointing fingers elsewhere
I suspect it'll be a shambles. Must ensure I get more nap time in before then.


  1. You can't be completely looped. Look how balalnced each stanza/paragraph is! I'm floored. And so are you. Get better.

  2. Well here is hoping that you feel better quick enough, and can drink your tea in peace without worry about the shambles